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"Thunder is good; thunder is impressive. But it is the lightning that does the work."- Mark Twain

(Please read the safety warning at the bottom of this page before proceeding)

Model 5 Cage Retouched Small.jpg (13253 bytes)

This is the first High Power test of my "Cage of Death".
In this shot I'm taking 12'-15' arcs from Jeff Parisse's 9J coil.

basura Small.jpg (22325 bytes)

This is an old picture of me and my coil inside the garage. The coil is only running at partial power due to the confined space.


brian1 Small.jpg (15476 bytes)

Here you can see a 6' strike straight to the ground. Note how it bends around the strike rail.


021100a Small.jpg (11393 bytes)

Running with my high power static spark gap and sending some 7' arcs to the ground.


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Tesla Coiling along with any other High Voltage experimentation is dangerous!

Warning and Disclaimer: This page provides information on High Voltage devices (Tesla Coils) and other dangerous devices which can be LETHAL! It is intended for persons 21 years of age, with a good working knowledge of high voltage devices and the safety precautions involved. We take no responsibility for anything you do with the information provided on this page. This page is provided for informational purposes only! To see a very good FAQ on High Voltage safety, click here:


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